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What Is a Bunion?

Most bunion condition resulting in boney prominence at the inside of the foot at the big toe joint.  Often bunion occurs when the big toe begins to deviate toward the second toe.  The biggest misconception is that bunions occur from an overgrowth of bone.  While that may be true in very few people, the bunion really represents a dislocation of the big toe joint as it bulges against the skin. Bunions come in a variety of sizes  from small to severe. In some cases, the big toe may push against the second toe, and may result in pain and a hammer toe, or progress onto a severe disfiguring foot deformity.

What Is The Lapidus Bunionectomy?

The Lapidus Bunionectomy is a type of corrective Bunion Surgery that involves restoring the natural position of big toe joint by structurally relocating the misaligned metatarsal back to its native proper position.   Dr. Delvadia, DPM typically recommends the Lapidus procedure for patients with moderate, large, severe or recurrent bunions.

Lapidus Bunionecomy Surgery Recovery

It generally takes 6 weeks for the bones to mend in healthy people.  Patients often return to normal activities and shoe gear by 6 weeks to 3 months.    Factors that may prolong healing are age, smoking, poor nutritional status, and some medical problems.

What Anesthesia Is Needed for the Lapidus Procedure ?

It is often outpatient surgery – this means you go home the same day.  The surgery can be performed under a local, regional, spinal or general anesthetic.   Local and regional blocks, with monitored anesthesia care are commonly performed.  This means that the foot will be numbed with an anesthetic, and an anesthesiologist will provide intravenous medications to relax and provide sedation (often referred to as twilight).

Is Hardware Implanted into The Foot with Bunion Surgery?

Inserting surgical hardware is a necessary part of the Lapidus Bunionectomy.  The purpose of the fixation is to stabilize the bone while the bones mend solid.Common hardware involves screws and a plate.  Either surgical stainless steel or titanium is used.

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