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Bunion Correction via Silver Type Osteotomy

The Silver Type Osteotomy Procedure

The Silver bunionectomy typically involves removal of the bony prominence, or spur, that exists along the medial or inner portion of the joint of the big toe. This spur forms as a result of chronic pressure from factors including ill-fitting shoes. Constant rubbing and pressure cause the foot to produce excess bone, called an exostosis, at the pressure site. The Silver procedure is a simple, successful way to treat bunion formation in patients who do not display any associated angular deformity of the foot.

In 1923, Silver depicted his strategy for capsulorrhaphy of the first metatarsophalangeal joint for hallux valgus fix. Silver was most likely impacted by Fuld, an ophthalmic specialist, who proposed abductor hallucis ligament move for the fix of hallux abducto valgus. Besides, the way of thinking of joint protection may have been a response to the previous arthroplasty methods, which Silver saw as aimless and vague. Afterward, noticeable specialists, for example, McBride,  Lapidus, and Mitchell et al. noted and utilized Silver’s method to enhance their own systems. The strategy was surprising in light of the fact that average exostectomy or if nothing else decortication of the average top of the main metatarsal was performed. Supplemental to this, the average joint container was fortified with the abductor hallucis ligament and the mediocre capsular connections by moving the ligament addition to a more dorsal situation on the proximal phalangeal base. Fuld disconnected all the structures joined to the abductor ligament before its exchange. Silver noticed the importance of the horizontal situation of the sesamoid mechanical assembly and endeavored for its migration by keeping up the connection of the flexor plate to the abductor ligament. At long last, the ligament of adductor hallucis and the horizontal joint case were segmented with a U-formed capsulotomy.

Silver immobilized patients for delayed periods trying to keep up the rectification got with this essentially delicate tissue technique. Notwithstanding, this drawn-out time of immobilization isn’t fundamental today in light of the fact that various sorts of braces are accessible to help keep up the hallux in the remedied position. Broadened support might be useful in permitting the capsular tissues to adjust to the new position, however, it might likewise add to joint firmness.

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