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What is a Avulsion Fracture?

An avulsion fracture is where a fragment of bone is pulled away at the ligamentous or tendinous attachment. It can be caused by traumatic traction (repetitive long-term or a single high impact traumatic traction) of the ligament or tendon. This occurs as tendons can bear more load than the bone.

This can occur at numerous sites in the body, but some areas are more sensitive to these types of fractures than others, such as at the ankle which mostly occurs at the lateral aspect of the medial malleolus or in the foot where avulsion fractures are common at the base of the fifth metatarsal, but also at the talus and calcaneus.

Treatment typically includes resting and icing the affected area, followed by controlled exercises that help restore range of motion, improve muscle strength and promote bone healing.. Most avulsion fractures mend very well without careful mediation.

An they happens when a little lump of bone joined to a ligament or tendon moves pulled away from the primary piece of the bone.

The hip, elbow and lower leg are the most widely recognized areas for avulsion fractures in the youthful competitor. You may have to put in half a month on props on the off chance that you have an avulsion fracture around your hip. An avulsion fracture to your foot or lower leg may require a cast or strolling boot.

In uncommon cases, if the bone section and primary bone are excessively far separated to combine normally, medical procedure might be important to rejoin them. In youngsters, avulsion fractures that include the development plates additionally may require a medical procedure.

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