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Protect your kids in sports

Podiatry Group of Georgia points out that the school sports season is prone to ankle injuries including sprains and potential broken bones. There are a lot of different things you can do to protect your kids in sports.  Some of the major sports causing these problems are football, soccer and basketball. Podiatry Group of Georgia highly recommends that any type of ankle injury be treated immediately by a trained podiatrist.

On the surface, an injury might initially appear minor. In addition to any cartilage damage, there might be other injured or broken bones without even realizing it. Podiatry Group of Georgia stresses having a qualified podiatrist check it thoroughly before engaging in any sport, therefore it does not lead to having ankle surgery. As soon as the extent of the injury is determined, any form of rehabilitation can begin and return your child back into sports in a faster time frame. Additionally, early intervention can prevent instability or arthritis down the road.

Podiatry Group of Georgia suggests the following tips to protect your kids in sports:

First, make sure old injuries are double checked prior to the new season beginning. Having a podiatrist check a previous injury could possibly prevent a new injury from occurring or re-injuring the old one.

Second, the Podiatry Group of Georgia recommends purchasing the right shoe for the particular sport your child is engaged in. If at all possible, it is wise to buy new shoes each year to ensure the integrity of the ankle. This is a very important tip to protect your kids in sports.

Next, check the playing environment to make sure it is safe. This includes the playing field for any holes, uneven surfaces, etc. which could result in a twisted ankle or other potential injuries.

Also, the Podiatry Group of Georgia recommends stretching and effective warm-up exercises to prevent any possible injury. Calf stretches and light jogging before competition helps warm up ligaments and blood vessels, significantly reducing the risk for ankle injuries.

Protect your Kids in Sports Conclusion

Every one of these tips is important to keeping your child safe and injury-free. An injury is extremely painful, and oftentimes very preventable. If your child is experiencing pain, contact us to diagnose and complete one of our many medical services to relieve some pain. Performing some, if not all, of these important tips, you are taking great steps to protect your kids in sports.

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