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Swollen Ankles

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If you are able to create indentations with a slow, firm push of the fingers, you most likely have a serious issue with swollen ankles. If you face chronically swollen ankles, it is very possible it is caused by chronic venous insufficiency.  As we grow older, our physical activity level decreases in direct proportion. Gradually, our muscles become significantly weaker, our gait is slower and our veins do not circulate as well as they once did in our youth. The fluid traveling through our veins slows way down making our legs feel heavy and full.

Fortunately, there is a remedy to ease swollen ankles. We have some useful tips to cure swollen ankles. It could be the time to check into purchasing compression socks or compression hosiery.

Although one can hear some complaints regarding their use such as being very hot, cumbersome to put on and take off, tight on the legs as well as making the legs itchy and dry. However, there are many more benefits than negative issues as a result.  We also offer a wide range of medical services that might suite you better. 

Cure for Swollen Ankles

Compression stockings can combat this ankle problem with daily use. Those swollen ankles and feet can most often be controlled and brought back to a normal size within a short time. By doing so, it is healthier for your legs and body overall.

Compression socks are also very useful for people who stand for long periods of time, or sitting in cramped, crowded conditions for long periods of time. Workers in service-related jobs or frequent air travelers, regardless of their health, can benefit from wearing these socks. They will help with the blood circulation and cause the ankles to be less swollen.

One thing to consider, as well, is if you use compression socks for a short period of time and do not notice any improvement, it is time to seek a physician. This could mean a far worse problem that might result in ankle surgery.

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