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Healthy Holiday Feet Tips

Podiatry Group of Georgia offers some helpful tips for healthy holiday feet. If your feet are sore, it can dampen and ruin your holiday season. To begin with, make sure your shoes are the right size and fit comfortably. If the shoes are not the correct width, too high of a heel or rarely worn shoes, they can cause major discomfort including painful blisters, calluses and possible severe ankle injuries.  It is imperative to wear the appropriate shoes for the occasion.

Although not known to many people, certain foods can have an effect on the healthy holiday feet. Podiatry Group of Georgia states that some foods and beverages are high in purines such as shellfish, red meat, red wine and beer and they can cause very uncomfortable gout attacks. When this occurs, uric acid builds up and crystallizes in and around your joints.  Additionally, uric acid is more sensitive in colder temperatures.

Healthy Holiday Feet in the Cold Weather

In a colder environment, to maintain your healthy holiday feet, be cautious for ice and snow. The Podiatry Group of Georgia states the ankle joint can be more susceptible to serious injury from falling on ice. The ice can cause severe trauma due to the fact that the foot can move in any direction after it slips. If you experience any pain from a fall, Podiatry Group of Georgia recommends you visit a foot and ankle surgeon immediately.

It is imperative to “listen” to your feet. Perform a visual inspection of your feet on a regular basis for ingrown toenails, bruising, swelling, blisters, dry skin or calluses.  If any of these are noticeable, make an appointment immediately to alleviate possible bigger issues down the road. We will help you with one of our many medical services.  Maintaining healthy holiday feet can be obtainable, but be sure to use all precautions this year.

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