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Plastic Surgery For Feet is Not Rare

As with all plastic surgery, they are chosen to alter the physical appearance of a certain segment of the body. In the realm of podiatry, plastic surgery for feet is performed on a regular basis in the case of bunions, hammer toes as well as claw toes.

When individuals are confronted with pain with any of these ailments,  surgery is typically performed. On the other hand, nowadays oftentimes the plastic surgery for feet is performed strictly for the altered appearance. For example, one surgery that is common is to have a procedure to shorten the length of your toes.

Plastic Surgery For Feet Because of Fashion

In today’s women’s fashion, it has been increasingly common for women to wear sandals, flip flops and open toe shoes. With the toes (foot) is exposed, women have to tendency to be more focused and concerned about how their feet look. When these women get older, their deformities (whether imagined or not) seem to bother them even more. They begin to wonder if surgery can restore them either somewhat back to the original or completely redesigned.

Plastic Surgery for Feet Surgery

However, any surgery is at the discretion of the physician. There are some that will not choose to perform cosmetic surgery and will only do so if the ailment is generating pain to the patient.  They would rather not risk infection on something that was otherwise healthy.

On the other hand, some physicians view it as preventative surgery due to the fact they strongly believe the deformity could worsen over time and feel it should be fixed before it translates into a major problem down the road.

It should be noted that either approach taken by a physician has its pros and cons. However, if the fashion trend of open toed footwear continues unabated, the likelihood will be more of this form of surgery will continue in the coming years.

Would you consider getting plastic surgery for feet performed?

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