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Foot and Ankle Problems in Children

Unfortunately, foot and ankle problems often go unnoticed in children. Oftentimes, any sign or symptoms can be difficult to pinpoint and children are unable to detect what their problem might be.  Podiatry Group of Georgia points out that as a parent it is imperative to have your children’s feet checked out due to the rapidly growing feet.

Signs of Children’s Foot and Ankle Problems

One thing patents should notice is that when your kids can’t keep up with sports or general exercise activity, it could be a result of the feet or legs becoming overly fatigued due to the muscles in the feet and legs not functioning properly. Also, it may be caused by flat feet as well.

Podiatry Group of Georgia states that if your child is hesitant to participate in physical activity, it may be the result of heel pain which is common between the ages of 8 and 14. On the other hand, repetitive stress from sports may cause muscle pain and inflammation of the growth plate, the weak area at the back of a child’s heel.

Answers for Foot and Ankle Problems in Children

Podiatry Group of Georgia notes that some children may be aware and notice a change in the way their feet and nails look but refuse to inform their parents so they don’t have to go to the doctor’s office. It is advisable that parents take the initiative to check their children’s feet early on for calluses, abnormal growths, skin discoloration, or swelling or redness around the toenails, it is rare, but oftentimes when these symptoms go untreated it can lead to foot surgery.

In Conclusion to Foot and Ankle Problems in Children

If your child is regularly experiencing any form of clumsiness it could be a tell-tale sign of in-toeing, balance problems, or neuromuscular situations. If your child experiences any type of discomfort or foot pain, the Podiatry Group of Georgia says it should be checked immediately. We offer a wide variety of treatments and diagnostics for feet.  The child should be examined even small injuries or pain or swelling that lasts for more than a few days. If you notice foot and ankle problems in your children, please contact us immediately.

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