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What your feet say about you? Interesting Facts About Your Feet. Feet are incredible mechanical structures of the human body. Many of us take our feet for granted but they are amazingly strong parts of the body that keep us mobile. Here at the Podiatry Group of Georgia, we find feet fascinating and we are committed to keeping them in healthy, working order. We want to help our clients better understand how incredible their feet really are so they can understand the importance of caring for them.

  1. Feet are Strong- Your feet are unbelievably strong. During an average day of walking, your feet can bear forces that can equal up to hundreds of tons. Even your toes are amazingly strong. When you lift your heels, your toes bear at least half of your total body weight! This is a shocking feat, considering how small your feet and toes are compared to other parts of your body.

  2. Walking is Good for Your Feet- Walking is the best possible exercise for your feet. In fact, it is less tiring for your feet than standing in one spot. Walking involves several different muscles in the foot instead of a few isolated muscles that are involved with standing.

  3. Your Feet Mirror Your General Health- Foot ailments or complications can be the first sign of a more serious health problem. Conditions such as arthritis and diabetes can show their first symptoms in your feet. It is important to monitor the health of your feet.

These are just a few of the wonderful facts about our feet. You can find these and many more at or you can contact your foot specialist in Marietta and we can answer any questions you have about your feet. Whether you have a serious problem or if you simply would like a medical-grade pedicure, please let us know! Our podiatrist is happy to serve the people of Marietta in anyway possible. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best treatment so you can protect the health of your feet.

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