Flip Flop Dangers from a Podiatry Group of Georgia

August 21, 2012 by Dr. Tammy Gephart0

Flip Flop Dangers from a Georgia Podiatrist

There is no argument that flip flops are comfortable and a big hit every summer.  On the down side, there is great potential for serious foot issues for certain foot types. The most common ailments occur with those individuals with high or low arches.

 With most flip flops that are currently available in the market, the vast majority provide absolutely no support whatsoever.  By wearing them throughout the summer, you run the risk of causing serious damage to your feet over time.  Instead of flip flops, you should consider sandals instead. There are some sandals available that actually do offer a greater amount of support. These sandals are ones that naturally have an arch support built into them.

 With most shoes, there’s a good arch support built into their design. With this support, it enables your foot to be properly stabilized during jumping, running, walking or most other physical activities. Eventually, as we age, our feet take their toll in respect to our feet flattening out. Also, our ability to heal properly is dramatically reduced. If one’s body weight increases over the years, it can proportionally exert great force upon the feet as well. If this happens, you will need to get treatment from a Georgia podiatrist.

Georgia Podiatrist Explains Better Shoe Options

 If you are one that naturally or due to age, have developed flat feet, it is best for the  sake of your feet to wear sneakers that provide a secure arch support. If your arch is severe, it might require an orthoses which are shoe inserts that move your foot into a better position thereby permitting your foot to easily accommodate physical activity such as walking, running, etc. Additionally, it can dramatically alleviate any associated pain.

 If you are currently experiencing any pain while walking, it is best to consult a Georgia podiatrist and they can cast your foot and perform a biomechanical exam.

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