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Why You Should Seek a Marietta Georgia Podiatrist

As many of you are aware, it does not require much effort to inadvertently twist or sprain your ankle. It could be the result of missing a step, slipping on ice, or while engaged in any form of sports. When the ankle is stressed, the tendon associated with the muscles that traverse through your ankle to insert in the foot as well as the ligaments that secure your bones together can be overly stretched, torn or in a worst case scenario be completely ruptured. If this occurs, immediate medical help from a Marietta Georgia podiatrist should be sought to prevent permanent injury and/or disability.

Anatomy of the Ankle from a Marietta Georgia Podiatrist

Within the context of the anatomy of an ankle, the bones consisting of the tibia, fibula, talus, and calcaneus are secured together by two main groups of ligaments on the outside (lateral) and inside (medial) to keep the ankle in proper alignment with the tendons running alongside them.

The purpose of the tendons is to permit movement of your foot at the ankle joint.  When excessive motion is generated in this area, there is a real possibility of fractured bones or ligaments to pull pieces of the bone off. Typically, the bones can handle the stress but the ligaments or tendons can’t and can be damaged.

Examining your Ankle by a Professional Marietta Georgia Podiatrist

To determine the extent of any injury, a Georgia podiatrist will perform a MRI or CT exam. If there is a serious injury where ligaments or tendons are seriously torn or ruptured, surgery might have to be performed in order for proper healing to occur. It should be noted that any form of ligament or tendon injury will mandate frequent physical therapy. If conducted properly, it will keep your ankle in top shape and possibly avoid future problems.

If you suspect injury to you ankle, please contact a Georgia Podiatrist immediately.