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Pump bump

What is Pump Bump?

Pump bump is common in women who wear high heels almost every day. The hard back of a pump-style shoe can create pressure that aggravates the heel bone when walking.

The bony enlargement may cause Achilles tendonitis or bursitis due to constant irritation from pump-style shoes. Those with high arches or tight Achilles tendons are especially vulnerable to developing pump bump if they work in high heels.

The medical term for the disorder is Haglund’s deformity. In addition to the noticeable bump, symptoms include:

  • redness in the heel area.
  • pain where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel;
  • swelling in the back of the heel.

How to Treat Your Pump Bump

In most cases, pump bump is treated nonsurgically by reducing inflammation, but this does not get rid of the bony enlargement. Pain relief is the primary treatment goal, so anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed.

Icing the back of the heel reduces swelling, and stretching exercises can relieve tension in the Achilles.

High-heeled shoes may cause pain, deformities and damage to the feet that can last a lifetime. But doctors say there are steps women can take to reduce high heel-related foot problems.

  • Avoid shoes with pointed toes.
  • Avoid heels taller than two inches.
  • Recognize foot pain as a warning sign.

High-heeled shoes crowd the toes, force the body’s weight onto the ball of the foot and disrupt the body’s alignment.

Long-term, however, it’s best to avoid wearing high heels, if possible.

How we can Help You!

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