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Nerve Pain

Nerve Pain

Suffering with severe nerve pain in your feet,a pain often described as a shooting or burning sensation without reprieve. Oftentimes, this type of nerve pain comes from trauma to the lower extremities including the foot, and relief from this continuous pain has been hard to find, until now.

A person complains about shooting, burning or tingling pain in the foot or ankle, it can mean a nerve is pinched or “entrapped” as a result of scar tissue strangling the nerve from a trauma or injury. Podiatrist can properly diagnose foot pain and determine if the patient is indeed suffering from nerve pain or if it is coming from other sources.

Can patients know if their pain is coming from the nerve?

Muscle pain tends to throb or ache, but any of the following symptoms might mean:

    • Pain doesn’t go away;
    • Sharp or dull ‘‘shooting’’ sensation, or an electric shock shooting up or down the leg;
    • Extreme sensitivity to hot or cold;
    • Muscle weakness in the area of the pain;
    • The feeling of walking on a little rock;
    • Numbness between toes;
    • Feeling of tingling or burning on the bottom of the foot.

Foot pain, no matter how mild, is not natural. If you are experiencing pain or noticing a change in your feet you should seek medical care right away. Early care can help prevent the condition from worsening. Contact Podiatry Group of Georgia today to schedule your appointment or book you appointment online.

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