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Diabetic Foot Care

What is Diabetic Foot Care?

If you have diabetes, you are at increased risk of foot problems and amputation. It is very important that you check your feet—top, bottom, sides, between the toes, toenails—at least once a day. Diabetic Foot Care should be done on a daily basis.

The best time to inspect your feet is after a bath or shower. When your feet are dry including between the toes. If you have trouble seeing the bottom or sides of your feet, use a mirror with an extended handle or any mirror that permits you to see your whole foot.

Diabetic Foot Care Tips , Look for the Following:

  • Bumps, lumps, blisters or bruises.
  • Cuts, sores, or cracked skin. Even the tiniest crack can become infected.
  • Patches of thin or shiny skin (which can signal lack of blood flow) or areas of redness (especially red streaks, which can signal the presence of infection).
  • Temperature differences (one part warm, another cold). This can signal lack of blood flow.
  • Pain, tingling, numbness or no feeling at all. These can signal nerve problems.
  • Ingrown toenails with red, puffy skin along the nail and tenderness or pain.
  • Loss of hair on foot or leg, which also can signal reduced blood flow.
  • In addition to doing daily foot inspections.
  • If you have numbness, tingling or loss of feeling in your feet, be extra cautious. Make sure there are no sharp objects such as broken glass, nails, or exposed sharp edges on floors or in carpeting. Never walk or move around barefoot, even inside your house.
  • Wash feet daily using lukewarm, never hot, water. Use your elbow to test water temperature.  After washing, dry feet thoroughly and keep them supple by applying lotion only to the tops and bottoms of the feet. Don’t apply lotion between the toes, since this can create a moist environment that favors fungal growth.
  • Do not attempt to cut toenails if you have neuropathy or other foot problems related to diabetes.  See a podiatrist or a foot care nurse regularly for toenail care and foot examinations.  Never attempt to cut or file calluses or other protrusions on your feet.

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