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Tendon Repair Surgery

Surgery is typically not needed for plantar fasciitis. About 95 out of 100 people who have plantar fasciitis can relieve heel pain without surgery. Your podiatrist may consider surgery if nonsurgical treatment has not helped and heel pain is restricting your daily activities.

Tendon repair

Tendon repair is surgery to repair damaged or torn tendons.

Tendon repairs can often be done in an outpatient setting. Hospital stays, if any, are short.

Tendon repair can be performed using:

  • Local anesthesia (immediate area of the surgery is pain-free)
  • Regional anesthesia (local and surrounding areas are pain-free)
  • General anesthesia (asleep and pain-free)

The surgeon makes a cut on the skin over the injured tendon. The damaged or torn ends of the tendon are sewn together.

If the tendon has been severely injured, a tendon graft may be needed.

In this case, a piece of tendon from the foot, toe, or another part of the body is often used.

If needed, tendons are reattached to the surrounding tissue.

The surgeon examines the area to see if there are any injuries to nerves and blood vessels.

When the repair is complete, the wound is closed.

If the tendon damage is too severe, the repair and reconstruction may have to be done at different times. The surgeon will perform one surgery to repair part of the injury. Another surgery will be done later to finish repairing the tendon.

The main types of surgery for plantar fasciitis are:

Plantar fascia release. This procedure involves cutting part of the plantar fascia ligament. This releases the tension on the ligament and relieves inflammation.

Other procedures, such as removing a heel spur or stretching or loosening specific foot nerves. These surgeries are usually done in combination with plantar fascia release when there are lasting heel pain and another heel problem.

Experts in the past thought that heel spurs caused plantar fasciitis. Now experts generally believe that heel spurs are the result, not the cause, of plantar fasciitis. Many people with large heel spur never have heel pain or plantar fasciitis. So, surgery to remove heel spurs is rarely done.

When to Seeking Treatment 

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