How Can Podiatric Surgeons Help You?- Podiatry Group of GeorgiaYour foot is a complex mechanism. With so many bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles, it can be tough for you to pinpoint where the source of your pain or soreness may be. As podiatric surgeons, the Podiatry Group of Georgia offers comprehensive and effective medical services that will help you get back on your feet.

The first thing we’ll do is narrow down where the problem is originating. It could be one bone in your foot; it could be a multiple bones. With so much pressure and weight put on your feet, even the smallest crack in a foot bone can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Having a qualified, expert podiatrist examine your feet is imperative to avoiding further complications down the road. At your appointment, we will discuss if surgery is necessary and when the best time will be for the procedure.

Sports injuries are often the leading cause of foot and ankle problems. Pulled muscles and torn ligaments take you away from the game that you love. No matter what sport you play, your feet and legs are necessary to competing and staying active. Surgery can be an effective option to helping your recover quickly and getting you back on the field. Dr. Gephart is trained in sports-related injuries and can make sure that your ligament tear or bone fracture doesn’t lead to the end of a career. If you’ve been injured and are in need of podiatric surgeons, we hope you’ll contact The Podiatry Group of Georgia today.

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All About an Ingrown Toenail from a Georgia Podiatrist

Ingrown Toenail Symptoms

If you have ever experienced pain along the borders of your toenail on one of your toes, you can definitely understand those pesky in-grown toenails. An ingrown toenail occurs when the edge of the nail grows down and into the skin of the toe. Some of the symptoms include pain, redness, and swelling around the nail. In-grown toenails typically develop due to pressure from overly tight shoes, improperly trimmed toenails and/or specific foot types that apply pressure on the toe nail. You can get an ingrown toenail if you hurt your toe, such as stubbing it.

Ingrown Toenail in Children

 In children, ingrown nails are a common malady. Oftentimes, it can be traced back to improper or inadequate trimming. The proper method for trimming toenails is straight across whereas fingernails are trimmed in a semi circle fashion. It is advisable to teach children the proper procedure to trimming their own toenails at some point.  Another preventive measure is to purchase shoes that fit properly in the sense of width and length.

Ingrown Toenail Solutions

 To eradicate an ingrown toenail, there are several options available. One action is to remove a small sliver of the toenail from a Georgia podiatrist.  Typically, this is performed with a local anesthesia injection within a doctor’s office setting. It should be noted that this can either be a temporary or permanent removal. If the condition will not subside, permanent removal is considered the final solution.

 Once the section of nail has been removed, it will be wrapped with Neosporin and gauze to prevent infection. You will need to come back to the hospital within about a week so that the toe can be examined to check for any drainage or infection.

 If the toe is infected before the nail is removed, the infection may need to be treated before the nail section can be removed. This will be dependent upon the severity of the infection. Have you ever had an ingrown toenail?

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