Invest in Running ShoesRecently in our blog, we discussed different common foot problems that people suffer from. While some people are prone to certain foot problems and others are due to natural causes, many of the foot problems people experience develop from wearing incorrect fitting footwear. Problems such as bunions or hammertoes develop slowly over time and are often the result of years of wearing restrictive footwear. As your local foot specialist in Marietta, we are going to go over how to select the right running shoe for your foot.

If you maintain an active lifestyle and spend a lot of time exercising, whether that is running or walking, it is imperative that you have the right shoes for the job. Not only do the correct shoes help improve your performance but they also help protect your feet, as well as the rest of your body. Your feet bear all of your body weight, plus some. So, how you carry and support your body weight has a direct effect on other parts of your body.

In order to choose the right running shoe, you first need to know what kind of feet you have. Are they flat, normal, or do you have a high arch? These are all questions you should be asking yourself. You can typically examine your foot and its arch to answer these questions. If you have flat feet, meaning you have no arch, it is very probable that your foot rolls inward when you walk or run. You will need to invest in a running shoe that offers your foot support and stability so it does not continue to roll inwards. High arched feet tend to roll outward when you walk or run. In this case, you will need to look for running shoes that have a soft, absorbent mid sole to help prevent your foot from rolling outward.

It is always a good idea to work with a salesperson when you are searching for the right running shoes. You will want to work with someone who is knowledgeable about what kinds of shoes best fit different kinds of feet. The right shoe can help prevent a multitude of problems down the road so, take the time to invest in your feet now.

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Foot pain is not normal and depending on the severity, it can be debilitating. From athlete’s foot to bunions, there is no condition or ailment that seems small. Your feet are truly amazing parts of your body that are capable of bearing unimaginable amounts of weight. So, any kind of pain or affliction is only magnified. As your local podiatrist in Marietta, we are familiar with a number of different foot conditions. Whether they are caused by ill fitting footwear or by another condition, we are here to help relieve our patients of these common problems and to help them get back to their daily runs.

  1. Bunions- If you keep up with our blogs, you know that we recently discussed bunions and how they form. However, for those of you who missed our last blog, bunions are unnatural bony bumps that form at the base of the toe (typically the big toe). This hump causes the toe to deviate towards the other toes causing the other joint to protrude outwards. Bunions can be very painful and often require surgery to fix. Many times, they are the result of years of wearing shoes that are too tight or narrow.

  2. Hammertoe- According to WebMD, while some people are more prone to hammertoe, it is another common foot problem that could be potentially caused by tight footwear. Hammertoe causes the toe’s middle joint to bend downward which, causes the toe to appear as if it raised near the base of the foot. This is another condition that sometimes requires surgery to fix.

  3. Gout- Gout is a form of arthritis that usually forms in the large joint of the big toe. It is formed by too much uric acid in the body, which then forms hard crystals in the joint. Gout can be very painful and can also cause swelling and stiffness in the foot.

No matter the problem, the doctors at the Podiatry Group of Georgia can help. You do not have to live with foot pain. Let our doctors help you start enjoying those morning runs or evening walks again.

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Plastic Surgery For Feet From a Georgia Foot Doctor Marietta Georgia

Plastic Surgery For Feet is Not Rare

As with all plastic surgery, they are chosen to alter the physical appearance of a certain segment of the body. In the realm of podiatry, plastic surgery for feet is performed on a regular basis in the case of bunions, hammer toes as well as claw toes.

When individuals are confronted with pain with any of these ailments,  surgery is typically performed. On the other hand, nowadays oftentimes the plastic surgery for feet is performed strictly for the altered appearance. For example, one surgery that is common is to have a procedure to shorten the length of your toes.

Plastic Surgery For Feet Because of Fashion

In today’s women’s fashion, it has been increasingly common for women to wear sandals, flip flops and open toe shoes. With the toes (foot) is exposed, women have to tendency to be more focused and concerned about how their feet look. When these women get older, their deformities (whether imagined or not) seem to bother them even more. They begin to wonder if surgery can restore them either somewhat back to the original or completely redesigned.

Plastic Surgery for Feet Surgery

However, any surgery is at the discretion of the physician. There are some that will not choose to perform cosmetic surgery and will only do so if the ailment is generating pain to the patient.  They would rather not risk infection on something that was otherwise healthy.

On the other hand, some physicians view it as preventative surgery due to the fact they strongly believe the deformity could worsen over time and feel it should be fixed before it translates into a major problem down the road.

It should be noted that either approach taken by a physician has its pros and cons. However, if the fashion trend of open toed footwear continues unabated, the likelihood will be more of this form of surgery will continue in the coming years.

Would you consider getting plastic surgery for feet performed?

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All About Hammertoes from a Georgia Foot and Ankle Doctor

Hammertoes Can Worsen Over Time

If you are faced with unsightly toes that are curled to appear to look like a hammer, you definitely have hammertoes. Specifically, it is a condition where the middle joint of your toes is bent (curled) occurring in your 2nd, 3rd and 4th toe. Unfortunately, this condition can progressively worsen if not properly addressed.

When a person is wearing shoes that do not fit properly or the heels are too high, the toes are forcibly positioned and squeezed into themselves due to the fact there is no free range of motion. If this continues unabated for a prolonged period of time, your muscles will eventually shorten and become stuck in this unfortunate position.

For many, there is no pain associated with hammertoes. However, there could be mild discomfort when your toes are pushing against your shoes. In the isolated cases where a person experiences pain from this condition, there are specific remedies that have been successful.

Remedies for Hammertoes

To begin with, it is highly recommended to try non-invasive (surgery) treatment plans for any foot condition you are experiencing. By so doing, there are substantially fewer risks involved plus they allow more options for the individual. For the condition of hammertoes, you can use padding in the shoe (prevents the toes from hitting the top of your shoes), wider shoes or wear lower heels. It is advisable to go to a podiatrist office and be fitted for the correct shoe size and proper width. According to some recent studies, approximately 60-80% of people are wearing incorrect shoe sizes.

Hammertoes Can Be Treated

With hammertoes, it is imperative to obtain the proper sized shoes so that your toes have room to expand to their proper length. In these instances, the next option is surgery to elongate the joint and remove it from its contracted position. It is important to treat hammertoes before you have to go that route, if possible.

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Protection for Your Feet Podiatry Group of Marietta

Summer Shoes and Protection for Your Feet

With summer approaching rapidly in Georgia, many out there are shedding their shoes in favor of the light and airy flip-flops. However, please be aware that they could be negatively affecting your foot health and not providing protection for your feet.

Besides being thin and flexible, the design of flip-flops offers absolutely no arch support. With that being said, this can lead to significant arch pain, heel pain as well as plantar fasciitis. Furthermore, this lack of support can rapidly exacerbate any existing foot deformities like bunions as well as limiting the motion of the first joint (hallux limitus). Due to its design, they will become more pronounced when the feet are turning outward at the ankle (pronate) due to lack of support.

Flip-Flops Offer Poor Protection for Your Feet

On flip-flops, the feet struggle to keep them on due to a thin strap holding attached to your foot.  This attempt is made by flexing the toes to prevent the flip-flop from falling off.  Besides being extremely uncomfortable, it can worsen toes that are already contracted (hammertoes).

Besides the above mentioned concerns, there is no protection in place for other injuries including cuts or bruises as well as exposure to different forms of bacteria. This is especially critical for those suffering with diabetes, who are prone to even minor wounds quickly turning into serious infections. If you are experiencing any pain associated with your feet, please seek treatment immediately.

What Summer Shoes to Wear to Offer Protection for Your Feet

The question remains as what to wear in the summer that is comfortable and provides adequate protection. It is advisable to purchase a sandal with some type of back and supportive straps that will adequately cover the top of the foot. They should provide good arch support and limited flexibility in the sole. If you are able to bend the sole in half, it is much too flexible! With comfortable, supported feet, you will be on your way to an enjoyable summer wherever you might be. It is important to remember that protection for your feet can help prevent diseases or infections.

What are some of your favorite summer shoes that provide protection for your feet?

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