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Summer Shoes and Protection for Your Feet

With summer approaching rapidly in Georgia, many out there are shedding their shoes in favor of the light and airy flip-flops. However, please be aware that they could be negatively affecting your foot health and not providing protection for your feet.

Besides being thin and flexible, the design of flip-flops offers absolutely no arch support. With that being said, this can lead to significant arch pain, heel pain as well as plantar fasciitis. Furthermore, this lack of support can rapidly exacerbate any existing foot deformities like bunions as well as limiting the motion of the first joint (hallux limitus). Due to its design, they will become more pronounced when the feet are turning outward at the ankle (pronate) due to lack of support.

Flip-Flops Offer Poor Protection for Your Feet

On flip-flops, the feet struggle to keep them on due to a thin strap holding attached to your foot.  This attempt is made by flexing the toes to prevent the flip-flop from falling off.  Besides being extremely uncomfortable, it can worsen toes that are already contracted (hammertoes).

Besides the above mentioned concerns, there is no protection in place for other injuries including cuts or bruises as well as exposure to different forms of bacteria. This is especially critical for those suffering with diabetes, who are prone to even minor wounds quickly turning into serious infections. If you are experiencing any pain associated with your feet, please seek treatment immediately.

What Summer Shoes to Wear to Offer Protection for Your Feet

The question remains as what to wear in the summer that is comfortable and provides adequate protection. It is advisable to purchase a sandal with some type of back and supportive straps that will adequately cover the top of the foot. They should provide good arch support and limited flexibility in the sole. If you are able to bend the sole in half, it is much too flexible! With comfortable, supported feet, you will be on your way to an enjoyable summer wherever you might be. It is important to remember that protection for your feet can help prevent diseases or infections.

What are some of your favorite summer shoes that provide protection for your feet?

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Treating Foot and Ankle Arthritis

Ankle Arthritis is Extremely Common

In this blog article, we discuss treating foot and ankle arthritis. The most common form of arthritis that directly affects the foot and ankle is known as osteoarthritis. It appears as a result of aging and is commonly referred to as ‘wear and tear’ arthritis. As one gets older, the cartilage (covering) on the ends of your bones becomes worn and frayed leading to inflammation, swelling and joint pain.  In addition, the ligaments that secure the bones and joints in place can face arthritis as well.

Symptoms of Ankle Arthritis

Signs and symptoms of ankle arthritis of the foot can be pain or tenderness, stiffness and/or limited motion present while walking.

Also, we point out that an injury to a joint, even if treated in a timely fashion, can cause osteoarthritis to appear possibly months or years down the road.  These injuries can include a sprain, ligament damage or a fractured bone.

Treatment for Ankle Arthritis

To diagnose ankle arthritis, we establish your medical history, perform a physical exam and perform an analysis of your gait. By so doing, we can determine how the bones in your leg and feet line up while walking. Additionally, we might perform X-rays to reveal the spacing between the bones or the shape of the bones as well.

For treatment, we can offer anti-inflammatory medication, place some support in your shoe, design and have you wear a customized shoe, devise a brace or a cane to assist the patient, ongoing physical therapy, nutritional supplements or steroid medication.  If these fail to resolve the underlying issues, surgery might be your next option depending on your situation. To be sure, we recommend that you make an appointment with us,  a board certified foot and surgeon to explore your options towards reclaiming your mobility and alleviating pain. We want you to get rid of the pain associated with ankle arthritis.

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