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New! Natural Herbal Skin Cream

Minimizes, softens and soothes very dry, itchy and cracking skin.

The cream restores natural oils and minerals to the skin caused by environmental conditions as well as health issues. Natural Herbal Skin Cream dissolves bumps and pimples and soothes chaffing of the skin. The body cream can help speed up the healing process for a number of skin related ailments like cold sores, rashes, insect bites and fungal itch; by increase the body’s blood flow in the skin. This cream helps in the prevention of most stretch marks during pregnancy and is excellent for removing makeup. With the addition of lavender it relaxes and soothes tired and sore muscles and aloe vera has been added to facilitate faster healing. While we don’t claim that the Natural Herbal Skin Cream cures, treats or heals any diseases we have received testimonials from clients with diabetes, eczema and other serious skin problems who have stated the Natural Herbal Skin Cream has tremendously helped them in speeding up the healing of their particular wounds or ailments.

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