Some foot and ankle pain can be alleviated with custom orthotics. These are show inserts, and you may be familiar with the kind you can buy in the local pharmacy. Custom orthotics are made to fit the shape of your foot, and can eliminate movement that is causing pain when you stand or walk.


With the colder climate in the winters of Georgia, there is nothing more refreshing and soothing then climbing into a warm hot tub. Besides this, hydrotherapy is frequently used for sports injuries, sore muscles and joints plus the calming effects on physiological and emotional disorders.


If you are faced with unsightly toes that are curled to appear to look like a hammer, you definitely have hammertoes. Specifically, it is a condition where the middle joint of your toes is bent (curled) occurring in your 2nd, 3rd and 4th toe. Unfortunately, this condition can progressively worsen if not properly addressed.


As many of you are aware, it does not require much effort to inadvertently twist or sprain your ankle. It could be the result of missing a step, slipping on ice, or while engaged in any form of sports. When the ankle is stressed, the tendon associated with the muscles that traverse through your ankle to insert in the foot


In this blog article, we discuss treating foot and ankle arthritis. The most common form of arthritis that directly affects the foot and ankle is known as osteoarthritis. It appears as a result of aging and is commonly referred to as ‘wear and tear’ arthritis.


If you are able to create indentations with a slow, firm push of the fingers, you most likely have a serious issue with swollen ankles. If you face chronically swollen ankles, it is very possible it is caused by chronic venous insufficiency.  As we grow older, our physical activity level decreases in direct proportion.


Unfortunately, foot and ankle problems often go unnoticed in children. Oftentimes, any sign or symptoms can be difficult to pinpoint and children are unable to detect what their problem might be.  Podiatry Group of Georgia points out that as a parent it is imperative to have your children’s feet checked out due to the rapidly growing feet.

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